Sculptures of Meninas

History of "La Menina"

My name is Margarita Teresa de Austria. I was born on July 12th of 1651. Daughter of Philip IV and Mariana from Austria, I am well known as “the Menina” thanks to the picture painted by D. Diego de Velazquez, who immortalize me among my family and companions ladies, when I was only five years old.

-In 1663 when I was twelve, I was engaged with my uncle Leopold I of Habsburg, brother of my mother. Due to my father´s death Felipe IV and for several political reasons as succesion rights, the wedding was delayed for three years until April 25th, 1666, I got married by proxy. Six months last my trip to Viena where I was received by the Emperor, who celebrated my arrival with great feasts.

-Unfortunatly my life was short. I had four children, two sons and two daughters, but only one survived, María Antonia de Austria. On March 12th  1673,  I pass away when I was only twenty two, when I gave birth to my fourth daughter. Someone said: you die when you come into the forgetfulness túnnel, but this is not my case.

Meninas figures - Artestilo - Madrid

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