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Your porcelain shop in Madrid

After almost 50 years of activity, Artestilo offers you a wide catalog of porcelain figures and sculptures from the most recognized firms in the sector. We are your Lladró store in Madrid, but also CowParade, Nao or Rosa Elordui. We have the best selection of porcelain figures from the best designers at your fingertips.

In our porcelain shop in Madrid you will find bullfighting figures, handmade ceramic animal figures, meninas and even discontinued Lladró figurines: those that you can no longer find in any other Lladró store in Madrid, you will find them in Artestilo.

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Tienda Artestilo de Madrid

Decorative figures

Porcelain is a material that has been used for centuries in the manufacture of decorative and everyday pieces, and is still popular today.

Porcelain figurines for home decoration can take many shapes and colors, and can be the perfect detail that adds style to a room. At Artestilo, your porcelain shop in Madrid, we know that they are an excellent way to add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room and can become family pieces that are passed down from generation to generation.

Lladró Porcelana

Lladró creates trend

At Artestilo we are experts in seeing the essence of each figurine, of each collection, which is why we only have the best decorative selection of porcelain figurines from the best firms, including Lladró. The brand par excellence in the sector. And it is that as a Lladró store in Madrid, we are aware of the elegance and quality of the firm.

Lladró porcelain pieces are famous throughout the world for their exceptional beauty and quality. Lladró is a Spanish brand founded in 1953 by three brothers in Valencia. Since then, it has been known for its elaborate and detailed porcelain sculptures, as well as its intricate details and the artists' ability to capture unique facial expressions and gestures.

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