Porcelain figures

Classic and modern porcelain figurines, handmade in Spain.

Discover the wide collection of classic figures and modern porcelain figures that Artestilo puts at your fingertips. Lladró figures that breathe elegance and exquisiteness in each of their curves.

Among the classic porcelain figures you will find great jewels, some of them whose launch year dates back to the seventies and eighties. But Lladró does not go out of style. That is why his classic porcelain figures are still valid today, both in salons as a "decorative jewel" and in large collections.

On the other hand, Lladró's modern porcelain figurines stand out for their attention to detail and precise lines but without losing, not for a second, the quality and elegance that characterizes the firm.

Classic and Modern Porcelain Figures - Lladró

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