Orca calf
  • Orca calf

Orca calf

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Ceramic figure of an orca calf. Handmade.


Ceramic figure of an orca calf.

Although they are often called killer whales, orcas belong to the dolphin family and not to the whale family. The confusion is understandable, as its large size is closer to the size of a whale. An adult killer whale can weigh more than 5 tons and measure almost 10 meters. One of the most well-known characteristics of orcas is that they are tireless playful, like the calf represented in this ceramic sculpture, which jumps between the ocean waves.

This ceramic figure allows us to appreciate all the skill of the artisans of the De Rosa family business. The figure of the killer whale preserves the appearance of this animal and, at the same time, has its own style, which gives it a contemporary touch.

The textures of the body of the animal and of the wave have been modeled by a master hand, with great care and precision. Another element to highlight are the gold details that run through this ceramic sculpture, details that have become the hallmark of the De Rosa brand.

Handmade in Uruguay



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