Passionate Kiss (White)
  • Passionate Kiss (White)

Passionate Kiss (White)

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Release year: 2013

Sculptor: José Luis Santes

Measures: 41x31 cm

"Passionate Kiss" is an interpretation of the famous work of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, entitled "The Kiss"

Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917) author of such famous sculptures as The Thinker, the Burghers of Calais and the Gate of Hell, in his sculpture The Kiss, represents Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, historical figures who lived during the Middle Ages. Dante Alighieri, in the song V del Infierno from his book Divina Commedia, narrates the tragedy of these two brothers-in-law who were murdered between 1283 and 1286 by Gian Ciotto Malatesta (Francesca's husband and brother of Paolo) when they were discovered in an adulterous kiss.

Rodin decided to represent them at the time they read the adventures of Lancelot du Lac. It was at that moment when they fell in love and kissed.

Sculpted in 1881-1882 originally in marble, Rodin wanted to express through the movements and language of bodies, the feelings of lovers. He did not represent a frontal vision of the work since, according to his conception of art, he always affirmed that the sculpture should be able to be appreciated from any point. By surrounding the piece you can see how each angle describes a different time.

Due to the good reception of the sculpture, in 1888 Rodin was commissioned by the French Ministry of Art for two marble versions of a larger size (183 cm) intended for the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900.

The original model of the Passionate Kiss, exhibited here, was made in 2013 by the sculptor José Luis Santes in the workshops of the firm Lladró * of Valencia.

Made in biscuit porcelain ** 41 x 31 cm. the sculpture is a classic of the drawings of academia, study of anatomy, proportions, movement, difficult to materialize in a three-dimensional work like this.

* Lladró: Founded in 1953, it is the world leader in the design and manufacture of porcelain sculptures. His creations are designed and made entirely by hand in his only factory located in Tabernes, Valencia, whose manufacturing process consists in realizing the original model in clay or similar, fragmenting it to develop the plaster molds that will be used to melt the porcelain whose composition The main one is kaolin and feldspars. Once the figure is done, it goes through the process of retouching, painting and finally baking at temperatures of 1400º centigrade.

** Biscuit: The name biscuit (biscuit in English and French) refers to the matte porous finish that is the demonstration of excellence and perfection. Any error, imperfection or impurity of the kaolin will be manifested directly and will be discarded for sale.


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