Santa's Midnight Ride
  • Santa's Midnight Ride

Santa's Midnight Ride

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Limited Series 1000 Pieces

Measures 36 x 65 cm (Base Included)

Year of release 2008

Sculptor Alfredo Llorens


A splendid piece of great size and complexity, as fantastic as it is realistic: the reindeer are modeled and sculpted like real animals, and they seem to jump and run over the clouds. To highlight the tiny fragments like the antlers of the reindeer or their legs, the skates of the sled, the small toys, or even the small pompom of fur in the cap of Father Christmas. The facial expression of this one is happy and smiling. It is worth observing the decoration of the sides of the sleigh, where the motives of mistletoe on a dark brown and green background have been reflected with red balls.